Data Recovery iPhone Reset

Where Is the Recently Deleted Folder on iPhone

Alex Nguyen

Finding the “Recently Deleted” folder on iPhone can be crucial when accidentally deleting important files. To locate the “Recently Deleted” ...

Announce Calls

Siri’s ‘Announce Call’ Feature For iPhone Explained

Alex Nguyen

When someone calls your iPhone, Siri can announce the caller’s name aloud, so you’ll know who’s calling without looking at ...

silver iPhone X floating over open palm

Does Apple Still Slow Down Phones As They Age?

Madison Evans

Apple Inc. has faced significant criticism and legal issues regarding its practice of slowing down older iPhones. This approach was ...

SOS Only iPhone

What Does SOS Only Mean on iPhone?

Chad Collins

An iPhone displaying “SOS Only” means it can’t connect to a cellular network. This is often seen in areas with ...

Facetime Gestures - Laser Beams

Facetime Reactions: Hand Gesture Guide

Ron Walton

FaceTime has become an essential tool for staying connected with friends and family. With the release of iOS 17, Apple ...

person holding white iphone 5 c

How to Share Your iPhone Location With Someone

Chad Collins

Sharing your location with friends or family can be valuable in various situations, such as coordinating meetups or ensuring safety. ...

Backup Up iPhone Contacts

iPhone Contacts Backup Without iTunes

Alex Nguyen

Backing up your iPhone contacts without using iTunes may seem complicated, but there are easy methods available. Many people prefer ...

a hand holding a smartphone

iPhone 16 Release Date (Rumor)

Computer City

Many people are excited about the upcoming release of the iPhone 16, expected in September 2024. Apple usually unveils new ...

man in white top holding iPhone

Factory Reset an iPhone: Procedure

Alex Nguyen

Resetting an iPhone is a process that restores the device to its original factory settings. This action is often taken ...

iPhone Charging Port

iPhone Charging Port Not Working

Computer City

If your iPhone is not charging, it could be due to various issues such as problems with the charging cable, ...

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