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PS5 Remote Play

PlayStation 5 (PS5) Remote Play Guide

Stacy Norman

The PlayStation 5 Remote Play feature lets you play your PS5 games on different devices like phones, tablets, or laptops. ...

black iphone 7 on white table

Do Google Pixel Phones Ever Go on Sale (Or Are The Prices Fixed)?

Stacy Norman

Looking to buy a Google Pixel phone without breaking the bank? While these phones are known for their great features, ...

a close up of a cpu on top of a motherboard

Normal CPU Temperatures: Guidelines for Safe & Optimal Performance

Stacy Norman

Computers work best when their components are cool. One key part to watch is the CPU. Most CPUs should run ...

Apple Remote Device Management

How to Remove Apple Device Supervision from iPhone: Step-by-Step

Stacy Norman

Removing device supervision from an iPhone can seem difficult, but it’s actually straightforward if you know the steps. To remove ...

Seagate SEDs

Self Encrypting Drives (SEDs): Explained

Stacy Norman

Self-encrypting drives (SEDs) add an extra layer of security to data storage. They automatically encrypt all data on the drive, ...

person holding iPhone

iPhone Won’t Take The Correct Passcode: Troubleshooting

Stacy Norman

Having trouble unlocking your iPhone even though you’re typing the correct passcode can be really frustrating and concerning. There are ...

Apple ID

Apple ID: Explained

Stacy Norman

Your Apple ID is a really important part of how you use Apple’s services. It’s your personal ID for things ...

white and blue google logo

How To ‘Undo’ on the iPhone Notes App

Stacy Norman

Editing notes on your iPhone can be tricky, especially when you make a mistake. Knowing how to undo changes quickly ...

a person in a purple suit with a black hood

Can You Transfer Fortnite Skins Between Accounts

Stacy Norman

Fortnite players often wonder if they can move their hard-earned or purchased skins between accounts. This article explains the different ...

Firepro W4100

FirePro W4100: Features & Specifications

Stacy Norman

The FirePro W4100 graphics card by AMD was designed primarily for professional applications, but this card is very old now ...

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