Jacob Bergman

space gray iPad Pro

How to Setup & Send an Email on iPad

Jacob Bergman

Sending an email on your iPad is quick and easy once you know the steps. To set up your email ...

Chrome Dino Game

How To Access The Google Chrome Browser Dinosaur Game

Jacob Bergman

The Google Chrome browser has a built-in dinosaur game you can play when you’re offline or not connected to the ...

Magnetic USB-C Cables

Are Magnetic USB-C Cables Safe To Use?

Jacob Bergman

Yes, Magnetic USB-C cables are safe to use but there’s a big caveat to this – the quality of the ...

Phasmophobia Logo

Using SteamVR to Play Phasmophobia In Virtual Reality

Jacob Bergman

Phasmophobia is a cooperative psychological horror game designed to be played in virtual reality (VR). It skillfully blends the thrills ...

Chromebook: An Unexpected Error Has Occurred

An Unexpected Error Has Occurred: Visit This URL for ChromeOS Recovery Tips

Jacob Bergman

Finding an error message like “An unexpected error has occurred. Please refer to this URL for troubleshooting tips: https://www.google.com/chromeos/recovery” can ...

Google Home Speaker

Fun Things to Do with Google Home

Jacob Bergman

Google Home provides a multitude of activities that are both practical and entertaining. This smart speaker, powered by Google Assistant, ...

Intel Arc A380

Is The Intel Arc A380 Good for Gaming? Unveiling Performance and Value

Jacob Bergman

When evaluating the Intel Arc A380’s capability as a gaming graphics card, it’s essential to consider its performance relative to ...

man in blue dress shirt using computer

How to Fix PC Stuttering

Jacob Bergman

Stuttering on a PC can be a sign of various issues in software or hardware. It can show up as ...

Mailbird App

Which Apps Let You Manage All Emails in One Place

Jacob Bergman

Managing multiple email accounts can be overwhelming and time-consuming. Luckily, there are several apps that can help you handle all ...

AMD Radeon 5700G

AMD Radeon Built-in Graphics: Guide

Jacob Bergman

AMD Radeon integrated graphics have evolved into powerful and versatile solutions for everyday computing and casual gaming. They offer a ...

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