How to Play League of Legends on a Chromebook

Chad Collins

League Of Legends

If you have a Chromebook (or your school provided you with one) you can most likely play League of Legends on it, unless it’s completely locked down. There are different methods like cloud gaming, installing Linux, or using the Android app to get the game up and running on your system. Each method will have its pros and cons and you could be limited by the strength of the hardware in your device, but it’s usually worth a shot.

The best method to achieve a smooth gaming experience is to start by enabling Linux (Beta) on your device. This allows you to create a versatile environment for your gaming needs. With Linux you can install League of Legends using Wine or CrossOver, but performance may vary since Chromebooks aren’t typically designed for gaming.

League of Legends on ChromeOS: A Gamer’s Guide

Methods to Play League of Legends on Chromebook

Cloud GamingStream League of Legends from a remote server to your Chromebook.No downloads, accessible on low-spec devices.Requires stable internet connection, potential input lag.
Linux (Beta)Install League of Legends natively on your Chromebook through Crostini, the Linux environment.Better performance than cloud gaming.Requires technical knowledge, may not be compatible with all Chromebooks.
Android AppPlay the mobile version of League of Legends: Wild Rift on your Chromebook.Touchscreen controls optimized for Chromebooks.Different gameplay experience than the PC version, may not be preferred by all players.

Cloud Gaming Options

  • GeForce Now: Offers a free tier and paid subscriptions with higher performance and priority access.
  • Shadow: Provides a high-performance cloud gaming experience with various subscription options.
  • Boosteroid: A budget-friendly cloud gaming service with a growing library of games.

Linux (Beta) Installation (Advanced Users)**

  1. Enable Linux (Beta) in Chromebook settings.
  2. Open Terminal and install required dependencies.
  3. Download League of Legends installer from the official website.
  4. Run the installer and follow the on-screen instructions.

Additional Tips

  • Ensure your Chromebook meets the minimum system requirements for cloud gaming or running Linux.
  • Use a wired Ethernet connection for a stable internet connection, if possible.
  • Adjust graphics settings in League of Legends to optimize performance.
  • Update your Chromebook’s operating system and drivers regularly.

Key Takeaways

  • Enable Linux (Beta) on your Chromebook for installation.
  • Use Wine or CrossOver to install League of Legends.
  • Performance may differ due to hardware limitations.

Setting Up League of Legends on a Chromebook

It’s possible to play League of Legends on a Chromebook with some steps. Users need to check compatibility first, then proceed with installation and settings optimization.

Evaluating Compatibility and System Requirements

Not all Chromebooks are built for gaming. Check if the Chromebook supports Linux (Beta) mode. Look at your device’s hardware.

  1. Processor: Intel or AMD and at least dual-core.
  2. Memory: Minimum of 4GB RAM.
  3. Storage: At least 16GB free space is needed.
  4. Graphics: Integrated graphics will work, but performance varies.

Verify that your operating system is up to date. Update the Chromebook to the latest version of ChromeOS.

Installing League of Legends

Start with enabling Linux (Beta) from the settings. This feature is essential for running League of Legends.

  1. Enable Linux: Go to Settings > Linux (Beta) > Turn On. Follow prompts to set it up.
  2. Install Wine: Execute the command to install Wine by typing sudo apt install wine in the terminal.
  3. Install PlayOnLinux: Use the command sudo apt install playonlinux. PlayOnLinux simplifies installation.
  4. Download League of Legends: Open PlayOnLinux and click Install > Games > League of Legends. Follow the prompts to complete.

Use CrossOver or Lutris if PlayOnLinux faces issues. Both are good alternatives for installing Windows games on Linux.

Optimizing League of Legends Settings

After installation, tweak the settings for better performance.

  1. Graphics Settings: Set graphics to low or medium. Turn off shadows and reduce effects quality.
  2. Resolution: Lower the game resolution to match performance needs.
  3. FPS Cap: Capping the FPS to 30 or 60 can prevent performance issues.
  4. Background Processes: Close other applications to free up resources.

Adjust these settings based on gameplay experience. Ensure the Chromebook stays cool to avoid overheating. Use an external fan if necessary.

By following these steps, you can enjoy League of Legends on your Chromebook.