two black flat screen computer monitors

Monitor Refresh Rates: Understanding the Impact on Your Viewing Experience

Madison Evans

Understanding how a monitor functions can greatly enhance anyone’s viewing experience. A key aspect of display technology is the refresh ...

Intel Arc A310

Is the Intel Arc A310 Good for Gaming?

Chad Collins

Intel’s Arc A310 offers an option for gamers and general users alike. When considering this card for gaming, one should ...

person holding silver and black device

Does Overclocking Reduce The Lifespan Of Your CPU?

Madison Evans

Overclocking is a technique used by many computer enthusiasts to increase the performance of a CPU beyond its factory settings. ...

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Best GPU Settings and Tweaks: Optimizing Performance and Quality

Chad Collins

Graphics processing units (GPUs) are essential for gamers, designers, and those working with graphics-intensive tasks. Tweaking your GPU settings can ...

black computer tower on white table

Build a PC Checklist: Essential Components for Your Custom Computer

Madison Evans

Building your own PC can be a rewarding project that not only results in a machine fitted to your exact ...

External Headphone DAC

Headphone Amp and DAC Explained

Alex Nguyen

When diving into high-quality audio, two pieces of equipment often discussed are headphone amplifiers and digital-to-analog converters (DACs). A headphone ...

blue ipod nano 6 th gen

Fast Charging Explained: What It Is and Benefits

Chad Collins

Fast charging technology allows modern smartphones to charge at an accelerated pace compared to older methods. It increases the wattage ...

black smartphone

Ways to Improve Your WiFi Range and Speed

Alex Nguyen

Improving the wireless range of a Wi-Fi network is a common concern for many users. The range refers to the ...

Network Hardware

Router vs. Switch vs. Access Point: Understanding Hardware Differences

Steve Ireland

In a network, routers, switches, and access points each play a distinct role in managing data. In order to understand ...

man in front of laptop computer in shallow focus photography

How Far Away Should You Sit from Your Computer

Madison Evans

Remember to find the right distance to sit from a computer monitor, as it is important for maintaining good posture ...