Can I Hide Apps on My iPhone?

Alex Nguyen

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Yes, you can hide apps on your iPhone by removing them from the Home Screen while keeping them in your App Library. If you have an iPhone, you might want to organize your apps to keep your home screen tidy or maintain privacy. You can hide apps you don’t use often or even prevent them from appearing in search results or Siri suggestions. This guide will show you how to hide and unhide apps on your iPhone, helping you declutter your home screen and protect your privacy.

Many users want to hide apps for various reasons. Maybe it’s to keep your phone organized, hide less-used apps, or ensure certain apps are not easily accessible. By following simple steps, you can achieve this without deleting the apps.

To hide an app, you just need to press and hold the app icon until a menu appears. Select “Remove App,” then choose “Remove from Home Screen.” The app will move to the App Library, where you can still find and use it when needed.

Hiding Apps on Your iPhone: A Simple Guide

The Easy Way: Remove from Home Screen

Don’t want to see an app cluttering up your home screen? You can easily tuck it away without deleting it completely. Simply touch and hold the app icon until it jiggles. Tap “Remove App,” then choose “Remove from Home Screen.” The app will vanish from your view, but it’s not gone for good.

Finding Hidden Apps

Wondering where your hidden apps went? They’re still on your phone, just tucked away in the App Library. Swipe left past your last home screen page to find the App Library. You can search for the app by name, or browse through the categories to find it.

Going Further: Hiding from Search and Siri Suggestions

If you want to make an app even harder to find, you can hide it from search results and Siri suggestions. Open Settings, tap “Siri & Search,” and find the app you want to hide. Toggle off “Show App in Search” and “Suggest App.” Now, the app won’t appear in search results or Siri’s suggestions.

What About Deleting Apps?

If you really want to get rid of an app, you can delete it. Just like hiding an app, touch and hold the icon, tap “Remove App,” but this time choose “Delete App.” Be careful, though, as deleting an app removes all its data from your phone.

A Note on Pre-installed Apps

You can hide most pre-installed Apple apps, but you can’t delete them. They’re part of the iPhone’s operating system.

Summary Table

ActionHow to Do ItOutcome
Remove from Home ScreenTouch and hold app icon > Remove App > Remove from Home ScreenApp is hidden from Home Screen but accessible in App Library
Hide from Search and Siri SuggestionsSettings > Siri & Search > App Name > Toggle off “Show App in Search” and “Suggest App”App is hidden from search results and Siri suggestions
Delete AppTouch and hold app icon > Remove App > Delete AppApp and its data are removed from the iPhone

Key Takeaways

  • You can hide apps on an iPhone.
  • Hidden apps remain in your App Library.
  • Follow simple steps to remove apps from the Home Screen.

Hiding Apps on Your iPhone

There are several ways to hide apps on your iPhone. You can use the App Library, folders, Siri & Search settings, or the Screen Time feature. Each method helps in organizing your apps and keeping certain apps out of sight.

Using the App Library

With iOS 14, the App Library became available. It stores your apps in categories. Swipe left to the last Home Screen to access it. Press and hold the app you want to hide. Tap Remove App and then Remove from Home Screen. The app moves to the App Library, making your Home Screen cleaner without deleting the app from your device.

Organizing with Folders

Folders group multiple apps on one Home Screen page. To create a folder, press an app icon until it jiggles. Drag it onto another app. Now you have a new folder. You can rename the folder to anything you like. If you put many apps in the folder, it keeps your Home Screen less cluttered. Folders provide quick access while still hiding them from plain view.

Adjusting Siri & Search Settings

Tweaking Siri & Search settings hides apps from appearing in search results. Go to the Settings App on your iPhone. Select Siri & Search. Find the app you aim to hide. Turn off several options like Show App in Search and Siri Suggestions. This keeps the app from appearing in Spotlight Search and Siri suggestions, adding another layer of privacy.

Leveraging Screen Time for Restrictions

Screen Time can also hide apps. Open Settings and go to Screen Time. Tap Content & Privacy Restrictions and enable them. Select Allowed Apps. Here, toggle off the apps you want to hide. They will no longer show up on your Home Screen. This method ensures that the apps are completely hidden, making this option great for parental controls or personal privacy.