Do Google Pixel Phones Ever Go on Sale (Or Are The Prices Fixed)?

Stacy Norman

black iphone 7 on white table

Looking to buy a Google Pixel phone without breaking the bank? While these phones are known for their great features, the prices can be high and they rarely go on sale. The only times you’ll see a price change are around Black Friday / Cyber Monday or when a new model launches. However, you can find discounts and deals if you look at the carriers and retailers directly – as they are known to move prices around for sales and bundles from time to time.

As mentioned, the best sales usually happen around major holidays like Black Friday and Cyber Monday when Google steps in. A lot of times they’ll bundle free items in as well to make deals even sweeter. Recently, there have been promotions offering significant price reductions, such as $200 off the Pixel 8 or $250 off the Pixel 8 Pro without needing to trade in your old phone. Some carriers even offer up to $1,000 off with trade-ins or when adding a new line. Again, deals do come around time to time but jump on them because they aren’t very common.

Google Pixel Phone Pricing Strategies

Standard Pricing

Google sets standard prices for each Pixel model at launch. These prices remain relatively stable for a certain period.

Occasional Sales and Promotions

Google occasionally offers sales or promotions on Pixel phones. These often coincide with holidays, special events, or the release of new models. Some retailers also offer discounts or deals on Pixel phones.

Timing of Sales

Sales are more common during certain times of the year:

  • Black Friday/Cyber Monday: Big discounts can be found during these major shopping events.
  • Holiday Season: Retailers and carriers often offer deals during the holiday season.
  • New Model Launches: Older Pixel models may go on sale when a newer generation is released.

Places to Find Deals

Retailer/CarrierTypes of Deals
Google StoreTrade-in offers, carrier promotions, bundle deals
Major Retailers (Best Buy, Amazon, etc.)Discounts, bundle deals, promotional offers
Mobile Carriers (Verizon, AT&T, etc.)Trade-in offers, discounts with new contracts or upgrades

Tips for Getting the Best Deal

  • Keep an Eye on Sales: Follow Google and retailers for announcements of upcoming sales.
  • Compare Prices: Check multiple retailers and carriers to find the best deal.
  • Consider Trade-ins: Many retailers offer trade-in programs to lower the cost of a new Pixel.
  • Look for Refurbished Models: Google offers certified refurbished Pixel phones at a discount.

Key Takeaways

  • Pixel smartphones go on sale during major holidays and launch events.
  • Buyers can find significant discounts and promotions from carriers and retailers.
  • Keeping informed on sales cycles can lead to substantial savings on a new Pixel phone.

Availability and Pricing of Pixel Phones

Google Pixel phones offer a range of models to suit different budgets. Pricing varies widely and includes exclusive carrier deals, with sales often timed around major retail events.

Official Sale Dates and Retail Platforms

Google Pixel phones typically go on sale shortly after their announcements. Retailers like Amazon and Best Buy, along with carriers like Verizon and AT&T, often stock the latest models. For example, the Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro went on sale on October 13 after preorders began.

Pricing Tiers for Different Models

Pixel phones come in different variants such as the budget-friendly Pixel 6a and the more advanced Pixel 8 Pro. The standard versions usually start with a 128GB model, with prices increasing for the 256GB option.

Carrier Deals and Discounts

Carriers like Verizon, AT&T, and Mint Mobile periodically offer deals. For instance, T-Mobile and Verizon have offered up to $800 off on Pixel 8 models without requiring a trade-in.

Exclusive Offers and Google Promotions

Google Fi often has promotions like bill credits over 24 months. They once offered the Pixel 8a as a giveaway with a plan subscription. The Google Store also features exclusive deals, especially for Pixel Pass subscribers.

Pre-Order Benefits and Post-Launch Sales

Pre-ordering can secure additional benefits like store credits or accessory bundles. Sales such as Black Friday offer significant savings. Post-launch, older models like the Pixel 6 might remain on sale until out of stock.

Future Pixel Devices and Expected Sales

Upcoming devices like the Pixel Fold and Pixel Watch 2 are expected to follow similar sales patterns. They will likely be available with initial offers and savings opportunities around major events like their release date.