a person's hand on a mouse pad next to a keyboard

How to Right Click on a Mac or Macbook

Steve Ireland

Using a Mac can be intuitive, but some tasks might seem a bit tricky at first. Many new Mac users ...

Split Screen Laptop

How to Split Screen on Laptop: Enhancing Multitasking Efficiency

Alex Nguyen

Splitting your laptop screen allows you to multitask by displaying multiple applications side by side. This feature enhances productivity as ...

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Is MSI a Good Brand? Evaluating Performance and Reliability in Tech Products

Steve Ireland

MSI makes a variety of computer hardware and accessories, with a focus on laptops, motherboards, and graphics cards for gaming ...

two woman using laptop

Crosh Commands For Chrome OS

Alex Nguyen

Crosh is a lightweight command-line interface that enables users to interact with Chrome OS on a deeper level. By pressing ...

person using laptop browsing facebook application

Laptop Plugged in But Not Charging: Troubleshooting Guide

Chad Collins

When your laptop is plugged in but not charging, it can be concerning. The laptop works when it’s connected to ...

laptop on brown wooden table

Which Brand is Best for Laptops? Evaluating Top Contenders in the Industry

Steve Ireland

Selecting the best laptop brand can be a crucial decision for consumers, as it impacts both the performance and longevity ...

silver macbook on brown wooden table

Is HP a Good Brand For Computers?

Alex Nguyen

HP is a well-established name in the computing industry, known for offering a wide range of products to suit different ...

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Best Laptops For 2024: Top Models for Professionals and Gamers

Madison Evans

Choosing the right laptop can be crucial, as it’s an indispensable tool for work, learning, and entertainment. The market offers ...

Laptop on a Pink Desk

Does Lenovo Use Windows?

Alex Nguyen

Lenovo is a widely recognized manufacturer of personal computers and uses Windows software to power most of its devices. Windows ...

Chromebook Doesn't Turn On

What To Do When Your Chromebook Isn’t Turning On

Computer City

If you are facing an issue with your Chromebook not turning on, it can be a huge inconvenience, especially if ...

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