Madison Evans

two black flat screen computer monitors

Monitor Refresh Rates: Understanding the Impact on Your Viewing Experience

Madison Evans

Understanding how a monitor functions can greatly enhance anyone’s viewing experience. A key aspect of display technology is the refresh ...

person holding silver and black device

Does Overclocking Reduce The Lifespan Of Your CPU?

Madison Evans

Overclocking is a technique used by many computer enthusiasts to increase the performance of a CPU beyond its factory settings. ...

Windows Defender

Is Windows Defender Enough for Comprehensive Computer Security?

Madison Evans

When it comes to protecting your personal computer, the built-in security system provided by Microsoft, known as Windows Defender, is ...

man in front of laptop computer in shallow focus photography

How Far Away Should You Sit from Your Computer

Madison Evans

Remember to find the right distance to sit from a computer monitor, as it is important for maintaining good posture ...

Ubuntu (Linux)

How to Verify the Ubuntu Version You Have Installed

Madison Evans

If you’re an Ubuntu user and you need to find out which version of the operating system you’re using, this ...

black flat screen tv turned on beside white remote control

Difference Between LED and LCD Displays: Understanding Screen Technologies

Madison Evans

When shopping for devices with displays, such as monitors, televisions, and phones, you may come across two common terms – ...

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How to Free Up GPU Memory: Effective Strategies for Improved Performance

Madison Evans

Grappling with sluggish performance or errors during high-intensity tasks like gaming or 3D rendering often points to the need for ...

Computer Repair Toolkit

Computer Repair Tools: Essential Kits for IT Professionals

Madison Evans

When it comes to repairing computers, having the appropriate tools can make a substantial difference between a smooth and a ...

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Where Can I Use a Computer: Finding Public Access Points Near You

Madison Evans

Many individuals often find themselves in need of a computer, whether it’s for updating a resume, checking emails, or working ...

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Did I Fall For A Microsoft Tech Support Scam?

Madison Evans

Tech support scams targeting individuals are on the rise, particularly those claiming to be from Microsoft. These scams typically involve ...