EVGA: Company Overview

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EVGA Corporation is an American company that specializes in computer hardware components. They are known mostly for their power supplies now but at one time were a dominant supplier of NVIDIA based graphics cards. EVGA also manufactures motherboards, gaming laptops, all-in-one liquid coolers, computer cases, and gaming mice, but those businesses are all small. With a founding date of April 13, 1999, EVGA has established itself firmly within the tech industry and boasts a headquarters located in Brea, California. The brand has become synonymous with quality hardware for gamers and computer enthusiasts alike.

Who is EVGA?

IndustryComputer Hardware
Products* Motherboards * Power Supplies * Gaming Laptops * All-in-one Liquid Coolers * Computer Cases * Gaming Mice (until 2022 also: Graphics Cards)
FoundedApril 13, 1999
HeadquartersBrea, California, USA
Known For* High-performance PC components * Excellent customer service (extended warranties, 24/7 technical support) * Strong focus on the gaming community (sponsorships, online forums)
Recent NewsEnded partnership with Nvidia and stopped manufacturing graphics cards in September 2022

With a history rooted in close partnership with Nvidia, EVGA’s role in the graphics card market was significant, having dedicated nearly 25 years to this collaboration. However, they made the unexpected decision to exit the graphics card market in 2022. This exit raised questions about the company’s direction and future product lines. Despite this shift, EVGA still remains a notable player in the computer hardware space – especially higher-end PC PSUs. They’ve adapted to industry changes while continuing to offer a variety of other tech products.

Why It’s Important to Understand EVGA’s History

EVGA Corporation is a major American computer hardware company. It’s renowned for its high-performance graphics cards, motherboards, power supplies, and other PC components. The company enjoys a dedicated following among gamers and PC enthusiasts. For many years, EVGA was one of Nvidia’s most important partners. Let’s look at EVGA’s background.


EVGA was founded in 1999 and is headquartered in Brea, California. The company made its name with graphics cards, initially using Nvidia chipsets. Over time, EVGA expanded into other product lines. This includes motherboards, power supplies, and peripherals.

EVGA had a reputation for pushing the performance envelope. Its top-of-the-line graphics cards frequently offered features like:

  • Higher clock speeds
  • Advanced cooling solutions
  • Extensive overclocking headroom

EVGA and Nvidia Split

In September 2022, EVGA shocked the industry when it announced it was ending its partnership with Nvidia and exiting the graphics card market entirely. The company cited what it called unfair treatment from Nvidia, impacting its product design decisions and pricing strategies.

EVGA Products

Despite the exit from the graphics card market, EVGA continues to produce a variety of other popular products.

Product CategoryExamples
MotherboardsIntel and AMD based motherboards
Power SuppliesHigh-efficiency, modular PSUs
Liquid CoolingClosed-loop and custom liquid cooling solutions
PeripheralsGaming keyboards and mice

EVGA’s Customer Service as Strength

EVGA is well-regarded for its excellent customer service and support. The company provides comprehensive warranties on its products. Its “Step-Up” program is particularly popular. This program allows customers to upgrade to a newer graphics card within a certain time frame of purchasing the original.

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Key Takeaways

  • EVGA is a respected computer hardware company based in Brea, California.
  • The company has a significant history with Nvidia but has exited the graphics card market.
  • EVGA offers various other computer components and continues to evolve in the tech industry.

History and Overview of EVGA

EVGA Corporation is an established name in the computer hardware industry, widely recognized for its range of products, especially in North America. Having gone through significant changes since its inception, EVGA has evolved to become a major player in the tech world.

Founding and Evolution

EVGA was established on July 16, 1999, by Andrew Han, who also served as its CEO. Initially focused on producing high-quality graphics cards, EVGA built its reputation on performance and reliability. Over the years, the company expanded its headquarters to Brea, California and set up operations in Taiwan, which allowed it to cater to a global market.

Product Expansion

While EVGA began with graphics cards, it later diversified into other areas of computer hardware:

  • Motherboards: A core element of any computer, designed for gamers and industry professionals.
  • Power Supplies: For powering various computer components with a reputation for stability.
  • Cooling Solutions: Including all-in-one liquid coolers to manage heat in high-performance systems.
  • Cases: Providing stylish and functional housing for computer components.
  • Gaming Mice: Catering to the specific needs of gamers for precision and comfort.

Revenue and Market Position

EVGA has maintained a notable position in the hardware industry due to its product quality and customer support. The company’s revenue, while not public, reflects its status as a trusted provider in the gaming and professional computing spaces. EVGA’s direct engagement with its user community through sponsorship of events and providing round-the-clock support has fortified its market position.

Products and Technologies

EVGA is known for its array of products designed for computer enthusiasts and gamers. Their offerings include high-quality graphics cards, motherboards, power supplies, cooling solutions, and gaming laptops.

Graphics Cards and GPUs

EVGA has a history of producing NVIDIA GeForce graphics cards. Their RTX 30-series GPUs deliver advanced performance for gamers and creators. EVGA’s graphics card lineup often features innovations like improved cooling technology that can include liquid coolers, especially seen in high-end models such as the Kingpin series.

Motherboards and Chipset

The company’s motherboards are built to support Intel processors. EVGA’s Z790 motherboards are among the latest offerings, showcasing compatibility with next-gen CPUs. These motherboards are designed for peak performance and cater to users who require stable, high-powered setups for gaming or content creation.

Power Supplies and Cooling Solutions

EVGA’s power supply units come in various wattages, accommodating different levels of computer system requirements. They are known for their reliability and efficiency. The company also provides all-in-one liquid coolers and other cooling solutions, ensuring that both entry-level users and enthusiasts can maintain optimal temperatures for their systems.

Gaming Laptops and Hardware Innovation

EVGA has entered the gaming laptop market with models that focus on performance and portability. These gaming laptops are equipped with powerful GPUs and CPUs to handle intensive tasks and maintain high frame rates in modern games. EVGA continuously innovates, launching new hardware products such as the EVGA E1 Chassis, which appeals to users who seek a balance of aesthetics and function in their builds.

Frequently Asked Questions

EVGA is a well-known name in computer hardware with a rich history of manufacturing and a complex relationship with industry giants.

What products does EVGA manufacture?

EVGA produces a variety of computer hardware products including motherboards, gaming laptops, power supplies, liquid coolers, computer cases, and gaming mice. Historically, EVGA also offered Nvidia GPU-based video cards up until 2022.

Why is EVGA reportedly shutting down?

EVGA is not shutting down its operations, but it has ceased producing graphics cards, a decision attributed to disagreements with Nvidia about business practices.

What is the relationship between EVGA and Nvidia?

EVGA had a longstanding partnership with Nvidia as an authorized partner, focusing on Nvidia’s GPUs for almost 25 years until its decision to stop producing Nvidia graphics cards in 2022 due to differing visions.

Is EVGA involved with AMD products?

There is no publicly available information suggesting that EVGA manufactures products using AMD technology. EVGA’s business has primarily revolved around Nvidia GPU-based video cards and its own range of computer hardware.

What does the acronym EVGA stand for?

EVGA stands for “EVGA Corporation” with no public record of the letters representing specific words.

Who currently owns EVGA?

EVGA remains a privately owned company with no widely known change in ownership since its establishment. It operates out of its headquarters in Brea, California, and continues its presence in the computer hardware space.