Video Cards

Intel Arc A770

Is the Intel Arc A770 Good for Gaming?

Steve Ireland

The Intel Arc A770 is a pretty decent mid-range graphics card designed to offer solid performance at 1080p and 1440p ...

AMD Firepro 2270

Is AMD FirePro 2270 Good for Gaming?

Tyler Nelson

When considering gaming hardware, one aspect crucial to performance is the graphics card. The AMD FirePro 2270 is designed with ...

Intel Arc A310

Is the Intel Arc A310 Good for Gaming?

Chad Collins

Intel’s Arc A310 offers an option for gamers and general users alike. When considering this card for gaming, one should ...

a close up of a computer fan on a yellow background

Best GPU Settings and Tweaks: Optimizing Performance and Quality

Chad Collins

Graphics processing units (GPUs) are essential for gamers, designers, and those working with graphics-intensive tasks. Tweaking your GPU settings can ...

AMD Radeon Software

AMD Radeon Error Code 22: Troubleshooting and Solutions Guide

Tyler Nelson

Dealing with AMD Radeon Error Code 22 can be frustrating. This error means that your graphics device is disabled in ...


What Does TI Mean on Nvidia GPUs?

Alex Nguyen

When browsing NVIDIA graphics cards, you may notice certain models that have ‘Ti’ at the end of their name. The ...

black and silver round device

How to Free Up GPU Memory: Effective Strategies for Improved Performance

Madison Evans

Grappling with sluggish performance or errors during high-intensity tasks like gaming or 3D rendering often points to the need for ...

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How To Flash A GPU BIOS

Alex Nguyen

Flashing a GPU BIOS can be an effective way to enhance the performance of a graphics card. This process updates ...

black and green audio mixer

Why Did EVGA Stop Making Graphics Cards?

Tyler Nelson

EVGA, a prominent player in the graphics card industry, made a significant announcement that shook the technology community. The company ...

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Ways to Boost Graphics Performance: Essential Tips for Gamers and Professionals

Steve Ireland

Improving graphics performance is essential for anyone looking to enhance their computer or gaming experience. Whether you’re using a laptop ...