Vibe VS-060-PNK Juicys Stereo 3.5mm Earbuds / Headphones (Pink)


Vibe VS-060-PNK Juicys Stereo 3.5mm Earbuds / Headphones (Pink)

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Brand Vibe
Looking for a set of high-quality earbuds that will provide great sound at an affordable price? Then this Vibe Juicys Stereo 3.5mm Green Earbuds Headphones is just the thing that you are looking for! This headphone set is compatible with all 3.5mm audio devices such as, mp3 players, laptop computers, CD or DVD players, portable gaming systems, and more! Delivering great, full-spectrum sound from the tiny 9.5mm drivers with deep-basses and full tenors, this headphone is exactly what you'd expect from the best! Juicys Comfort Earbuds (Pink Lemonade). Juicys Comfort Earbuds Pink Lemonade. VIBE Juicys Comfort Earbud Stereo Headphones w/3.5 mm Jack (Pink)