BattleBorn HDMI-2MM-B Battleborn 6 foot HDMI Cable


BattleBorn HDMI-2MM-B Battleborn 6 foot HDMI Cable

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Brand BattleBorn
6 feet hdmi cable. This 6ft HDMI Cable can be used for all types of TVs, Video Cards, game consoles (Xbox, Playstation), Blu-Ray players, and other devices that use HDMI. With HDMI male connectors on both ends, this is the standard HDMI cable you use to plug those devices into a TV or into a receiver. The big luxury with HDMI is that both Audio and Video can be transmitted with just a single HDMI cable so, for example, if you want to connect your PS3 to your TV via HDMI, this is the cord to do it with. 6 Foot HDMI Cord. 6 FT Ultra High Speed Gold-Plated 3D Ethernet HDMI Cable for PS3 HDTV LED 1080P 1.4b 6FT. 6ft HDMI Cable Cord v1.3 Male-to-Male M-M (Black) . 6ft HDMI Cable v1.3 Male-to-Male (Black) . Cables To Go Value 40304 HDMI Cable - GC5676. HDMI C