Syba SD-SATA-IDE SIL3611 IDE to SATA Adapter


Syba SD-SATA-IDE SIL3611 IDE to SATA Adapter

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Brand Syba
Serial ATA to IDE Module, Support ATA100/133/CD-ROM/DVD Devices. Convert your IDE device (such as a hard drive, CD or DVD drive) into a SATA device that can plug into a SATA port on your motherboard. Simply attach the controller to the back of the IDE device and plug in the SATA cable to the controller and the motherboard and you're good to go. This SATA to IDE converter allows you to connect IDE drives to available SATA ports. Syba IDE to Serial ATA Adapter - SIL3611 (SD-SATA-IDE) . SYBA SD-SATA-IDE SATA/IDE Adapter, Connect IDE Devices to SATA Port on Motherboard. Syba SDSATAIDE SATAeSATA Adapter Bracket Cable