Monmount LCD-1990 MonMount Quad Monitor Stand with Clamp Mount


Monmount LCD-1990 MonMount Quad Monitor Stand with Clamp Mount

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Brand Monmount
MPN LCD-1990
Monmount Quad LCD Monitor Stand Desk Mount Supports 4 VESA Compatible Monitors). This LCD Monitor Arm Desk Mount can hold up to four (4) LCD monitors weighing up to 22.05 pounds each! Save space in your work environment get one of these LCD Monitor Arm Desk Mount. Great for office use or in retail stores & establishments, or for stock traders, or business professionals who need multiple monitors without sacrificing desk space! Colored Quad LCD Mount Monitor Stand desk clamp holds up to Four 24" monitors. MonMount Deluxe QUAD DESK MOUNT 4 MONITORS VESA 75/100. LCD-1990 Desk Clamp Holds Monitors 18"-24". Monmount Specs. Upto 27-Inch Monitors, Black (LCD-2020B). LCDMonitor lcd stand Fully adjustable . | Complete Kit LCDs + Bracket Adjustable Up 24". Desktop 27" Widescreen Displays. The Monmount Quad LCD Monitor Mount is a great way to set up a powerful workstation or gaming station. While the clamp only uses a small amount of desk space, you still get ample room to set up your computer monitors. The adjustable arms allow you to easily get the best position for each monitor so you can get good viewing angles. The huge amount of screen space lets you move around programs and internet browsers with ease, allowing you to be more productive and to have more space to work with.