Arctic Silver AS5-3.5G 5 Thermal Compound 3.5 Grams High-Density

Arctic Silver

Arctic Silver AS5-3.5G 5 Thermal Compound 3.5 Grams High-Density

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Brand Arctic Silver
MPN AS5-3.5G
With Arctic Silver 5 thermal compound your processor will be running cooler and safer than ever before - and if you're overclocking, this is the thermal paste you need to get! The #1 rated thermal grease year after year, Arctic Silver 5 has revolutionized the silver TIM industry with a product that has consistantly outperformed the competition. This is the fastest selling & best thermal paste every year and it isn't slowing down. Buy the best from a name you know and have trusted for years and years - Arctic Silver. AS5 is unique in that it features a high-density filling of micronized silver and enhanced thermally conductive ceramic particles, providing a new level of performance and stability. Optimized for use with modern Intel and AMD based processors, gaming consoles, and high performance heatsinks/water cooling solutions. During the CPU's initial use, the compound thins out to enhance the filling of the microscopic valleys and ensure the best physical contact between the heatsink and the CPU core. We've had Arctic Silver for sale since the beginning and continue to stand by its industry leading performance. Thermal paste is the heat conductive material that sits between your heatsink and processor that facilitiates the movement of heat away from the chip and into the cooler. You can expect several degrees of additional cooling based on the improved thermal contact that this product provides. You'll agree that this is the absolute best thermal compound you can buy and best of all, it's very affordable. You get a full 3.5 gram tube of the material which can be used on many installations. The tube has a cap on it so you can safely and cleanly store it without worrying about it drying up. Most customers buying this are using it on a computer processor or video card, but if you're fixing an Xbox or a Playstation that's overheating - this is what you need as well.