Logisys Computer PS550ABK Logisys 550 Watt 8-Pin EPS ATX Power Supply - 550W

Logisys Computer

Logisys Computer PS550ABK Logisys 550 Watt 8-Pin EPS ATX Power Supply - 550W

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Brand Logisys Computer
This Logisys ATX power supply generates 550-watts of power for all your computer peripherals! Whether you have the ultimate gaming machine or a number-crunching monster, this power supply is what you need! This unit serves as a power supply for intel computers and power supply for AMD computers. The Logisys 550W power supply features an 8-pin EPS12V CPU power connector, 4 x Molex connectors, a Serial ATA power connector, and a 3 x 3-inch fan to help keep things running efficiently. With dual quiet 80MM fans, one on the top and one on the back,the 550W Black Beauty power supply ensures excellent cooling performance. It supplies all components with high quality output with low noise and ripple. The whole body was coated with thick glossy painting for quiet performance. The power supply boast its design with dual 820uF capacities and other necessary components such as resistors of all kinds, which make it a perfect choice for entry level modders and gaming users. This power supply is recommended for a cheap way to get an 8pin ATX 12V connector. 550W Emachines T3418 T4130 T3112 T5062 Power Supply PSU. Logisys 550 Watt 20+4pin Colored ATX w/ SATA Support - Black PS550A-BK (RETAIL). 20+4-Pin (Black). w/SATA watt PSU 204Pin wSATA PS550ABK Black. LOGISYS Computer 550Watts With and 20/24 Pin connectors.. Corp. 240-Pin Dual Fan Switching PS550A-BK. PS550A_BK supply AC 115/230 V. 12V Supply. (*PS Promo20). New Over Voltage Protection