Team T253L7120GTC101 Group L7 EVO 2.5" 120GB SATA III Internal Solid State Drive (SSD)

  • $63.21
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With a decent capacity of 120GB, this Team Group L7 EVO SSD with make a mark on your everyday tasks. Booting your operating system won't take a long time, programs open faster compared to your old storage device.A perfect blend of performance, quality and affordable pricing, the Team Group L7 EVO takes your everyday computing to the next level. Built with premium quality flash, advanced Marvell controller IC and SATA III interface, this SATA III SSD offers amazingly fast read/write speed - the OS loads in seconds, the apps start up in an instant, and all your operations are smooth and fluid. It also supports TRIM function for constant, like-new performance over usages, and DevSleep mode to conserve battery life and extend battery time. And with the vibration resistance and quiet operation inherent in SSD technology, the Team Group L7 EVO will transfer any mobile or desktop system.