Ginsu 04880DS Essential CuttingBoard Santoku

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The 7" Essential Santoku knife is the perfect knife for food prep. Whether mincing, dicing, slicing or chopping, the Santoku knife can get the job done. With its commercial quality stainless steel design and Kullens grind along the blade?s edge, and it is less likely to have food stick to it when in use. A full, triple-riveted tang runs the length of the knife for superior balance and control. Making this knife even more convenient is the included cutting board. The board features a magnetic sheath to hold the knife securely in place when it isn?t in use, and the board?s surface features a routed canal to collect juices so they don?t pool while you prep your meals. Shop now and try out this convenient knife/cutting board package with limited lifetime warranty! Stainless steel blade that is also rust-resistant Hand wash-only design Ergonomic and colorful presidential blue handle Kullens grind helps keep food from sticking