How to Clear Cookies on Samsung Phone

Chad Collins

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Clearing cookies on your Samsung phone helps maintain online privacy and security. Cookies store information from the internet to improve browsing, but they can cause privacy concerns and affect browser performance over time. Samsung’s internet browser and other apps provide an option to clear cookies, which can help resolve login issues, free up storage space, and remove outdated data stored by websites. Regularly clearing cookies enhances your phone’s performance and gives you better control over your personal information.

A Samsung User’s Quick Guide to Clearing Cookies

What are Cookies?

Cookies are small files that websites store on your phone. They help sites remember you and your preferences, which can be helpful. But, they can also track your activity, which might feel a bit creepy.

Why Clear Cookies?

Clearing cookies has a few benefits:

  • Privacy boost: Get rid of tracking data.
  • Website issues fixed: Sometimes, old cookies cause problems.
  • Free up space: Cookies take up a tiny bit of storage.

Simple Steps to Clear Cookies

Here’s how to do it on your Samsung phone:

Samsung Internet1. Tap the menu (three dots).
2. Go to “Settings.”
3. Select “Personal browsing data.”
4. Tap “Delete browsing data.”
Chrome1. Tap the menu (three dots).
2. Go to “History.”
3. Tap “Clear browsing data.”
Other browsers (Firefox, etc.)Look for similar options in the settings or history section.

Quick Tips

  • Clear often: Do it every few weeks or months to keep things tidy.
  • Choose what to delete: You can often pick which types of data to clear.
  • Password alert: Clearing cookies might log you out of websites.

It’s Easy!

Clearing cookies on your Samsung phone is a snap. It’s a good habit for a smoother, more private browsing experience.

Key Takeaways

  • Deleting cookies improves privacy and internet browser performance.
  • Samsung devices offer simple options to clear cookies in browser settings.
  • Regular maintenance, including cookie clearance, optimizes phone functionality.

Step-by-Step Guide to Clearing Cookies on Samsung Internet

This guide helps Samsung phone users to clear cookies in the Samsung Internet app to maintain privacy and browser performance.

Accessing the Samsung Internet App

Users start by finding the Samsung Internet icon on their home screen or app drawer. Tapping this icon opens the web browser, and the process to clear cookies begins.

Navigating to Privacy and Security Settings

Within the Samsung Internet app, users must tap the menu represented by three lines at the bottom right corner. In the menu, scrolling to and selecting ‘Settings’ leads them to the ‘Privacy and Security’ section, which contains options to modify data settings.

Selecting the Time Range and Types of Data to Clear

Once in the ‘Privacy and Security’ settings, users tap ‘Delete browsing data’. Here they select the types of data they wish to remove, including cookies and site data. Users also choose the time range for which they want to delete the data.

Completing the Data Removal Process

After selecting the desired data and time range, users tap ‘Delete data’ at the bottom of the screen. A prompt to confirm the action may appear, and users must confirm to proceed with data removal.

Verifying Clearance and Managing Future Cookie Collection

Post-deletion, users might want to verify that cookies are indeed cleared. They can do this by checking the previous menu where cookies should no longer be listed. To manage future cookie collection, users can adjust their cookie settings within the ‘Privacy and Security’ settings, such as blocking third-party cookies or all cookies if needed.

Alternative Methods for Other Browsers

For users with other browsers like Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox on their Samsung device, the process to clear cookies is similar, typically found under ‘Settings’ in the respective browser menus. Users can follow these steps in almost any Android browser to maintain privacy.

By following this straightforward guide, Samsung Internet users can ensure their browser performs well and their personal data remains private. Remember to manage cookie settings regularly for a smoother browsing experience.