About Us

ComputerCity.com is a leading computer parts, systems, and laptops retailer based out of Henderson, NV. We focus on all types of computers including gamer systems, budget PCs, and custom laptops.

Less Stress

At ComputerCity, we try to take out the stress in online shopping. Find great prices back with great support to get what you need when you need it.

Our Vision

You don't need to walk a tight rope to get what you need. ComputerCity reps are knowledgeable and can help you find the right product for your function.


Find a wide variety of goods from all in one place. We stock electronics, home goods, auto, and much more!

  • Thomas Snow

    Ceo Founder
  • Anna Baranov

    VP of Customer Care
  • Andrei Kowalsy

    VP of Finance
  • Pamela Doe

    VP of Logistics
  • Susan McCain

    VP of Marketing
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